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Game Feeder V

Game Feeder V

  • Description

The Game Feeder 5 can be programmed to feed up to 8 times a day using the two buttons on the side of the feeder. The "MODE" button allows you to select the hours, minutes, spin time, each of 8 feed times, and the clear position. The "ENTER" button allows you change each of these items. All times are shown in a military or 24-hour format. Since the two buttons are on the side of the feeder, all changes can be made without opening the feeder. To test the unit, just push the "ENTER" button when the display is not active.


  • Four digit readout makes it easy to set clock and feed times
  • Feeds up to 8 times daily
  • Microprocessor controlled for accurate feed times and amounts
  • Amount of feed dispensed is adjustable
  • Powered by one or two 6-volt spring top batteries or optional solar panel
  • Special rotor prevents wind from emptying feeder
  • Scatters grain in an 18 to 26 foot diameter circle
  • One-year warranty on parts and workmanship
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