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Game Feeder IV

Game Feeder IV

  • Description

The Game Feeder IV is designed to be programmed with maximum flexibility and ease. To set the internal clock, use the "am/pm" switch and the rotary switch to select the hour closest to the actual time. Hold the "enter" button down until the rotor spins twice to set the clock to the hour; or let it spin three times to set the clock to the hour plus 30 minutes. Up to 7 different feed times may be entered by simply selecting the desired hour and pushing the "enter" button to let the rotor spin one time. To adjust how much feed the unit throws, rotate the switch to the "spin" position and hold down the "enter" button. However, long you let the rotor spin, that is how long the unit will feed. All programming and testing is easy to do with the feeder above your head, even with gloves on!


  • Easy to set the clock to the hour or half hour at any time between 6 AM and 6 PM
  • Feeds up to 7 times each day
  • Feed times can be stacked to get different run times at different hours
  • Controls are on the outside of the unit. Nothing has to be opened and no tools are required for the unit to be set or tested
  • Feeder is powered by one or two 6-volt spring top lantern batteries or optional solar panel
  • A special rotor prevents wind from emptying feeder
  • One-year warranty on parts and workmanship
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