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Game Feeder III

Game Feeder III

  • Description

The Game Feeder III is a programmable unit that offers many features and is easy to operate. To program the timer, rotate the switch to one of the 8 available hours. At that hour hold the push-button down continually for 5 seconds until the motor runs twice. This sets the time in the feeder to that hour. Select any of the 8 hours as feeding times. The feed times may be set or changed at any time. To adjust the feeder's spin time, rotate the switch to the "spin" position and hold the push-button down for the amount of time you want the unit to feed. All this is accomplished without opening the unit.


  • Easy to operate and program
  • Feeds up to 8 times daily
  • Microprocessor controlled for accurate feed times and amounts.
  • The amount of feed dispensed is adjustable
  • Powered by one or two 6-volt spring topped lantern batteries or optional solar panel
  • Special rotor prevents wind from emptying feeder.
  • Scatters grain in an 18 to 25 foot diameter circle
  • One-year warranty on parts and workmanship
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